WordPress 3.2.1 is Live

After two years of stagnation, PSU Blogs has been updated to the latest and greatest WordPress, version 3.2.1. Most of the plugins and themes have also been refreshed to the latest version. If you have questions, feedback, or have found a bug, please contact the Help Desk at (603) 535-2929 or helpdesk@plymouth.edu, or leave a comment on this post.

Where has my theme gone?

To avoid potentially widespread incompatibilities with legacy themes, PSU Blogs were reset to one of two themes: Twenty Eleven (the default WordPress theme) and P2, a microblogging-style theme used by various groups on campus.

If your theme was set to P2 before the upgrade, no changes were made.

If you were using any other theme, your blog has been switched to Twenty Eleven. Using Twenty Eleven, you can customize the header image, blog layout, and more, all within the WordPress admin interface. Read more about Twenty Eleven, then visit the “Appearance” menu in [psu-provision-admin-url]your blog admin[/psu-provision-admin-url] to start customizing.

Many of the alternate themes are still available through your Themes menu, but a reset to the default helped to ensure the broadest level of compatibility among our thousands of blogs and dozens of available themes.